Our Commitment to You During COVID-19



As a Washington-based business, CTE Logistics has been extremely proactive in ensuring our team, partners and clients are as safe as possible.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve prided ourselves on being one step ahead of statewide guidelines whenever possible, being proactive in our communication and serving our clients with minimal disruptions.

In recent weeks, as COVID-19 cases have continued to rise, our team decided it was paramount to put together a plan for our organization that details exactly what steps we are taking at the moment. At any given time, you can log on to ctelogistics.com and see our current code status.

“Being organized as a team will help us continue to bring our clients the service they expect on a daily basis – communicating constantly let’s our team know that we are prioritizing their health,” says Co-Founder and President Todd Lytle.

Our team is closely monitoring the state dashboard of cases, as well as recommendations, protocols and guidelines. Each day, we re-evaluate our code status and update accordingly. At that time, we will proactively communicate with our clients when we transition to a new zone. This is a practice, as an organization, we will continue as long as we need to.

“During the summer months, COVID-19 seemed to be really slowing down. It felt like we were getting closer to normal, the kids were heading back out on the fields to play soccer, we were planning our beloved holiday party,” said Co-Founder and Vice President Kimm Lytle. “Then all of the sudden, cases started rising again and we had to revisit our strategy. Revisiting our planning, communication and putting some plans on hold. We want our team to stay healthy – top priority.”

We are all in this together! Our hope is that these guidelines will give transparency into the CTE Logistics operations as it relates to COVID-19, as well as give peace of mind that we are monitoring the situation closely and as safely as possible.