We believe our people are better than any system.


Can a system make you feel understood?

Can a system comprehend your urgency? Can it make a comforting call at the end of a long day to confirm your delivery has been received? Can a system smile at you through the phone? Technology has made amazing strides in efficiency and organization…but is there anything better than when an actual human being answers the phone when you call?

Our world and our industry is busy integrating more and more technology, yet the need for human connection is at an all-time high. It’s part of our mission to help meet the need for human connection with our people and our work with what we call radical accountability, the idea that we are all wholly accountable to ourselves and to one another guided by our Beliefs & Standards.


Todd Lytle


Kimm Lytle

Vice President

Blair Grant

VP of Operations

Janel Garton

Accounting Manager

Amy Kastberg

HR Manager

Bob Orvella

VP of Sales

Milo Davis

Distribution Manager

Chris Bair

Warehouse Manager

Eric Grubb

Warehouse Manager

Kolbi Nilsen

Account Executive

Jamie Hunt

Transportation Specialist

Tosiha Corcoran

Client Services

Kaytee Sloan

Client Services

Katie McCann

Business Admin

Katie Tillman

Transportation Specialist

Jessica Hofeldt

Client Services

Frank Griffin

Client Services

Baylee Evans

Client Services Supervisor

“I have always felt that I have been appreciated and compensated for my contribution to the company. I think my input and opinions are valued.”

“I feel like I am a part of the Family.”

“I feel appreciated, important and respected for my hard work and dedication to the company.”

“CTE makes me happy to come to work.”