How DISC Reinforced Our Belief in Team

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Every business strives to find a team that magically works. Ease of collaboration, conflicts kept to a minimum and creative problem solving are just a few of the many results of a thriving team. 

At CTE Logistics, we believe in Team as a core belief. “We are building this together” is a phrase we use regularly with each other, in our email signatures and throughout our website. 

When Todd and Kimm Lytle set out to build a logistics company based on excellence and valuing their team, they wanted each person to feel personally invested in the client relationships, the work and most importantly, the results. Their successes meant CTE was successful, and vice versa. 

In the last few years, the Lytles realized something significant about their leadership team. As they looked around the conference table, they thought, “we cannot do this work without every single person in this room.” The epiphany kickstarted conversations about how they could double down on their leadership team, invest in them and help them lead their own teams to the best of their ability. 

CTE brought in DISC facilitator and expert Cat Weise for the first time in 2019. Starting with behavioral assessments and debriefing them on their results, members of the CTE leadership team began to understand their behaviors, motivators and their communication styles in new ways. 

During their first DISC workshop where everyone had a chance to openly discuss their behavioral styles, how it plays out in their work and with their interactions with each other, it was common to hear phrases like “Oh, that’s why you always pay attention to the details” or “Oh, you do this because you love to be in charge.” Laughter, curiosity and respect for different styles emerged. 

Since 2019, DISC has been adopted in the CTE lexicon as the rest of the team members followed suit in taking their own behavioral assessments. In addition, several new hires have been made since the first workshop, resulting in individuals who were strong in certain styles that had previously been underrepresented at CTE. 

Not only is the team more rounded, but they use their awareness of DISC styles to communicate better with one another, lead stronger and work through any conflict with ease. 

When our organization says we believe in TEAM, our leadership education and development around DISC is just one of the many ways we value our team!