Our Letter to the World

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By Todd and Kimm Lytle

We believe our people are better than any system. 

Can a system make you feel understood? Can a system comprehend your urgency? Can it make a comforting call at the end of a long day to confirm your delivery has been received? Can a system smile at you through the phone?

Technology has made amazing strides in efficiency and organization…but is there anything better than when an actual human being answers the phone when you call?

Our world and our industry is busy integrating more and more technology, yet the need for human connection is at an all time high. 

It’s part of our mission to help meet the need for human connection with our people and our work with what we call radical accountability, the idea that we are all wholly accountable to ourselves and to one another. 

Radical accountability is what we show up for every single day.

When our corporate lives ended unexpectedly in 2008, we set out to create something amazing. 

We wanted to create a company that did what they said they were going to do; that would take amazing care of clients and the team servicing those clients. We wanted Commitment to Excellence (CTE) to be a lifestyle, a way of being and doing that would instill a sense of pride. 

We are committed to being a true Freight Management Partner (FMP), one who handles all aspects of the domestic supply chain, including collecting containers from the port, handling inventory in one of our warehouses and tracking a shipment in transit to its final destination. 

To be an excellent FMP to our clients, we must provide a seamless professional experience from start to finish. That’s our aim. 

We are determined to being a company, that holds high standards, and creates a caring, family-like environment for our team – and where we have a near zero error rate for our clients and a near zero attrition rate on our team.

As we find our selves in our current environment – there is still much work to be done.  Now more than ever our clients are faced with pressure to perform, and with confusing complexity in their domestic supply chain.

When you work with CTE our hope is that you feel we are your partners in your work. We want to lighten your load, to diminish your worries. We want you to walk away knowing we have  taken good care of your freight – whether we have stored it in our warehouse or we are moving it from point A to point B. Ultimately, we want to make this partnership a joyful experience for you. 

There’s no way to achieve those aims without committed, caring human beings, which are always, always better than any system.