One Year Later, Certifications Give Competitive Advantage

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Roughly one year ago, two of our transportation specialists received big news: they passed their CTB exam!

Katie Espinoza and Jamie Hunt earned their Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) distinction, which is known for being the gold standard certification for 3PL professionals. The notification that they passed last year was an incredible accomplishment for these two rising stars. Along with Vice President Blair Grant, CTE Logistics now has three people who have earned the CTB, an advantage that continues to make us competitive in the market.

One year later, Katie and Jamie said their studying and hard work has paid off, not only for themselves professionally but for the entire CTE organization.

How have you applied the knowledge you learned from the certification to your daily work? 

Jamie: Absolutely – every day!  There are laws that I knew about but didn’t have anything to compare it to, but now I KNOW them and am able to see potential red flags from an entirely different angle.

Katie: The knowledge that I received from taking the course has impacted my daily work tremendously in the fact that I’m confident overall in what I’m doing and making educated decisions that benefit not only CTE but the customer as well.

Can you think of one situation where the knowledge you received from your certification solved a problem at CTE or for a client?

Katie: The knowledge I’ve received has solved many problems, but it’s not just problems that need solving; it’s getting on the front side of things to avoid there even being a problem. But if one should arise, then we do what we need to in order to resolve it as quickly and effectively as possible.

Jamie: Not necessarily that the client would know of but specifically when vetting the carriers we choose for our clients. We want to make sure we’re not hiring a carrier with faulty equipment that could potentially delay their shipment if there is a break down or one that may consistently deliver late or damage freight for not securing the load correctly.  We like to do our homework!

One year later, are you happy you went for your certification? Why or why not?  

Jamie: I am so glad I finished the certification and that CTE gave me the opportunity to do so!  I feel so much more confident doing my day to day knowing that I have this additional knowledge of the industry.  It’s like being part of a special club!

Katie: I’m still very happy that I got certified. It was one of the most challenging courses I’ve taken, even compared to college courses to get my Bachelor’s. There was such a wide variety of information and such a high volume of information to retain. You really never knew what questions and information would be on the exam so you needed to know all of it.

Congrats to Katie and Jamie for this accomplishment and passing along all of the great knowledge you learned over the last year!