If These Walls Could Talk

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It is so hard to believe that a year ago we started planning our new building. We have been spending the last 6 months getting settled, and as with any new space it will take another 6 months to get completely settled. We are excited about this space and are excited to start welcoming visitors – and maybe even planning a proper open house at some point!

But if you think you know what to expect from a warehouse, think again. Our new Mountain Building warehouse is radically different than anything we’ve seen in our industry. We took this approach on purpose. We wanted our new space to be a reflection of the values and principles we live by as a team and reflect our scrappy yet successful history. If these walls could talk, they’d have a lot to say. 

Our beliefs wall is so much more than a piece of art; our beliefs live and breath in all that we do at CTE.

So, without further adieu, allow us to introduce you to our newest bundle – err, building – of joy. And since the walls can’t talk, we’ll show you what they would say if it was possible:

From the moment you walk into our new warehouse, you’ll notice two striking features: the wall of beliefs and the grand seed counter, which is used as the front office desk. The wall of beliefs proudly showcases our five core beliefs – team, reciprocity, humanity, work and honesty – and sets the tone for the entire building. It is through these values that we do our best work, operate from a place of genuineness and work together as one big family. Without these values hard at work, we wouldn’t have been nearly as successful in our nearly 12 years as a business.

Another statement piece is the antique seed counter. When Vice President Kimm Lytle was sourcing furniture for the new building, she happened to see it featured on her friend’s antique store’s social feed. Kimm could immediately envision the client services team maximizing its long counter space and multiple drawers. It’s a warm, cozy addition to the front space. 

Our new conference room at the Mountain Building offers sweeping views of the beautiful Washington scenery with Mt. Rainier as a focal point. It is in this room that our leadership team will regularly meet, brainstorm on ideas to become even better partners to our clients, celebrate wins and come together as a team. It will also be the site of future Lunch & Learns for our wonderful team. 

The antique seed counter greets everyone who walks through the CTE door.

The walls aren’t typical walls; we plan to use this space to tell the story of CTE. Coming soon, we will display photographs and achievements, like our multiple Inc. 5000 awards, that tell the story of how founders Todd and Kimm Lytle started CTE on a small book of business, two small kids in tow and a lot of faith. A small company library will also be available, allowing team members to bring home a book that speaks to them. 

Last but not least is our amazing Drivers Lounge. Because our warehouse offers a welcoming vibe at every turn, we wanted to extend that sentiment to the people who come and go every day: the drivers. These hard-working individuals will have a dedicated space to sit, relax and grab a bottle of water or a snack in a beautiful, comfy setting. It is one of the many ways we can say thank you to the people who give so much to our business. 

If these walls could talk, they would tell the story of the hard working, dedicated people who are behind the success of CTE Logistics. The walls would say when principled individuals come together, anything is possible.