Two CTE Superstars Receive Industry’s Coveted Certification


When we say our effort is obvious, it’s not just about the effort that is put forth at the CTE office or warehouses.

For CTE team members Katie Tillman and Jamie Hunt, it meant hours of late-night studying, learning and ultimately earning The Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) distinction. Just this month, the two superstars received word that they passed the rigorous exam, earning what is known for being the gold standard certification for 3PL professionals.

“For me, this was about individual and professional improvement,” Hunt said. “This is the path I’m taking in my career, and I knew the certification would make me better.”

Hunt shared the exam gave her an opportunity to take an in-depth dive into carrier regulations and the laws surrounding them. She carved out a little time at the office to study, but mainly found time to work on it at home, despite being a mom of three kids.

For Tillman, who is newer to the industry, was attracted to the professional challenge and really wanted to crush it. 

“Anything I can do to be the best I can be for the company, I want to do”, Tillman said. “CTE does so much for me, and I wanted use this opportunity to give back.”

Tillman and Hunt aren’t the first CTE Logistics team members to earn the CTB distinction. Last year, Blair Grant, vice president of operation, successfully completed the program. He said, at the time, about half of the material was review and other portions were new or allowed him to deepen his current knowledge on the given topic.   

“There’s not a lot of distinctions like this in our industry,” Grant said. “From my research, this is the most credible and respected certifications I’ve seen.”

If you speak with Tillman or Hunt, be sure to congratulate them on their remarkable achievement. For more information on we can leverage our expertise for your logistics needs, visit