Let No Regrets Be Our Biggest Fuel


If ever there was a time to pause and look around at what really matters, it is now.

It was only a few months ago when we entered 2020 filled with hope for the coming year. What was on my mind? Our 10-year anniversary of CTE and opening our new warehouse building “ two milestones that gave Todd and I deep satisfaction after years of hard work, perseverance and the team we built that brought us to these important moments.

That said, I was already in a reflective state when our state was hit with COVID-19. And as difficult as it may be, I encourage you to take the time to reflect during this time, as I’ve been doing. As a business owner, these are the things that came to the top of my list of things to be grateful for: our people, the community we serve and the values we hold.

Like most of us, I’ve felt a rollercoaster of emotions. This month, when Governor Jay Inslee extended the “stay home stay safe order” through early May, I felt frustrated. Frustrated for the children who are missing school and all of the memories that will never happen. Frustrated for the businesses that can’t be operating right now. Frustrated at our community and all that we’re missing out on by staying apart.

But then I had a good night’s rest, and when I awoke the next morning, I felt a sense of calm. And clarity. And laser-like focus.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I always come back to what I can control. I can control the environment (kinda!) of my little family of four. And I can control (kinda!) what happens with our CTE Family. And by control, I mean this: I CAN DECIDE.

I can decide to make the best of the situation. I can do my best to create memories that I will look back on and remember with fondness. I know this without a shadow of doubt. I know this because when I look back on the time when Todd and I were building CTE there are things that I regret. And as they say, regret is the greatest fuel.

When we were building the business, I was in a constant state of stress, worry and fear. Healthy habits like exercising and eating healthy went out the door. Sometimes, I had a little too much wine. There are things that I was proud of, but I share this because I never gave up (thank you Todd!). I bathed and cuddled and read books to my children every night. We made cookies. And no matter how busy I was ” I always made time to do art in the kids’ classroom. These are some of my fondest memories.

I want this time to be different. Now, I want no regrets to be my biggest fuel. I want to have the fun memories “ but I also want to look back and be proud that I was able to handle the adversity set in front of me. I want to continue to nourish my body with foods that are healthy, and I want to spend my time creating a new future ” not dwelling in fear and the unknown.

As for CTE, have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to be working and operating in this crisis. WE see this as an opportunity to strengthen our purpose and to continue to create seamless experiences for our clients. We get to support our fellow humans who are not in the situation to be able to work.  For me, I want to look at this time with no regrets. And I want to encourage you to do the same. How can you use this time to make yourself, or the lives around you, a little better?