CTE and Technology: The Driving Force Behind Your Success


Shipping is a necessity in everyday business. As discussed in previous CTE blog posts, the internet of things has made it simple to connect instantly and automate communications between providers and shifting customer demands.

Enter the CTE Logistics Warehousing and Transportation online tool. Expediting workflow, providing transparency in your day-to-day needs, connecting in real-time with all parties involved, and converting data into actions.  We are committed to integrating technology into our workflows that is trusted and provides greater value to our customers.

  1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

CTE Logistics makes converting to a digital shipping platform effortless. Our online portal makes executing shipping orders easier for you, creating opportunities for even more business with quicker turnarounds. Gathering orders, tracking shipments, along with keeping purchases straight are instantly in your control. You’re no longer subjected to scrolling through e-mails or hard to read, handwritten notes with a seemingly endless barrage of back phone calls.

  1. Access All Data at Once

View all pertinent information at the click of a button. The CTE Logistics shipping platforms and cloud-based services make it effortless to view everything from the beginning of the latest transportation inquiry to the smallest detail –– and all done within a secure, managed network.

  1. Make Communication Easier to Convert into Future Endeavors

Our platform makes it simple to collaborate, make notes, confirm orders, track changes, and download records multiple contributors have helped document… what’s not to love? This platform keeps records readily available in real-time. Keep tabs on your needs from past orders and quickly anticipate necessary changes to future orders to systematize order progress.

  1. Unlock Your Data

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see a simple data chart showcasing all shipping data pertinent to a specific range of dates? CTE Logistics gives access to a multitude of algorithms about your shipping trends, crucial documents, and industry specs––all accessible at the click of a button. Collect dependable data with detailed information for your shipping and distribution needs to predict what direction your business should head based on past and current trends.

Committed to You

CTE makes it easy for you to concentrate on what matters without having to worry about the mundane. Together we allow you to utilize transactions to become proactive in your work. We automate the details allowing you to focus on your key drivers and grow a successful business.

CTE Logistics is a unique Warehousing and Third-Party Logistics operator based in the Seattle & Tacoma area of Washington State. We provide a state-of-the-art online platform that covers all of the above aspects of this new trend. You can reach out to us to learn more about our transportation management platform and to request a consultation.