CTE Takes A Deeper Look: Supply Chain Trends for 2018 

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Visualizing Success Through Data 

Data Visualization has become a staple of communication for those organizations that utilize large sets of data with lots of moving parts––quite literally in the case of our industry! This form of communication allows for automated and––in many cases––real-time access to data, which can be shared quickly across the globe. Data Visualization will provide greater insight into supply chain processes with greater clarity and more meaningful interconnectivity of data points. This will enable better, faster decisions for supply chain managers, especially when third-party data is integrated into the output.  


Perfecting The Order 

When it comes to supply chain management, it‘s all about thperfect delivery. As we know, getting orders to the correct location, at the right time, while packaged and documented correctly to the precise person is the perfect order! By increasing the number of perfect orders delivered, we are able to retain more of our customers by keeping them happy. This also means less overhead spent on resources for managing returns.    


Get More Sustainable 

Another big initiative in 2018 and beyond will be seen in the move to more sustainable practices and processes by reducing waste and improving overall efficiency. This may manifest itself in our supply chains in the form of stricter guidelines for drivers and leaner operations from top to bottom.    


Service and The Supply Chain 

Consumer demand has increased exponentially over the past number of years mostly due to the rise of e-commerce via Amazon and other platforms. Rather than buying brand new products, many consumers are opting to acquire gently used or refurbished parts in good working order to save on overhead costs. This aspect of the service parts supply chain will see rapid, continued growth in the coming year and beyond. As such, it is critical the supply chain executives and managers plan accordingly so that they are able to accommodate these consumer demands.    


Setting A New Standard 

Systemically speaking, supply chain management has become increasingly complex––with disparate platforms operating under one roof making for a sometimes complicated overview with so many moving parts in one supply chain. The time for unifying these systems and processes is near with technology becoming more capable of handling the complexities and nuances of our supply chain industry. One such move that may help bridge the gap(s) would be the much discussed certification process for those working in supply chain management. Having a standard certification would more than likely bring about seamless and efficient rollouts of integrated systems and services. Watch for more news on this front throughout the year…  


Getting More Social 

With more and more consumers utilizing social media platforms to engage with businesses and leave reviews regarding their experiences––look for supply chain managers to further embrace social media as a meaningful channel for customer communications. There will be further integration of supply chain’s social media platforms with their sales platforms for more connective and seamless online experiences.   


Always Looking Ahead 

Here at CTE we will continue to examine supply chain trends over the course of 2018, so that we can create meaningful dialogue around what’s happening! Stay tuned for more from CTE throughout the year and don’t hesitate to contact us directly for any of your supply chain needs…