Should you be Outsourcing Freight Management?


At CTE we are a business just like you. We are family owned and navigate through the same tough decisions that all growing companies must face. We are also growing and thriving while providing solutions to other small business that allow them to do the same. As entrepreneurs, we care about our clients and their business. We have made a commitment to operate differently than other quote based shippers. We develop and nurture relationships, we become a part of the team, and we help them grow.

More and more companies are starting to realize the benefits of outsourcing freight and truckload management to qualified third-party companies like ours. The benefits include reduced overhead, reduced freight costs, better use of technology and tracking, and more focus on other core business initiatives.

A Few compelling reasons to make the move.

Buying Power

At CTE Logistics we use a nationwide network of transportation providers. We have up-to-date available and negotiated rates that, frankly, others don’t. We are shipping on behalf of hundreds of clients which gives us buying power that your company is likely not to have. You can leverage these rates to instantly save on expenses associated directly with freight costs alone.

Notwithstanding the freight costs themselves, let’s talk about your internal resources required to handle your freight. How many people and how many hours of quoting, booking, tracking and providing your own internal system of logistics does it take to get your freight to its final destination? We can reduce internal resources dedicated to your freight management while also providing the tools to more efficiently track shipments. Our advanced software allows your team to login and track shipments while we handle all the necessary logistics to get LTL or small shipments into available trucks.

In short, our services allow smaller companies to compete with better rates and reduced internal overhead.

Our Network

Our network covers the United States and beyond. Not only that, our advanced software allows us to find cost advantages in your shipping route, book it and then provide tracking. It would be very hard for smaller companies (think smaller than Wal-Mart), to build the same network of carriers and advanced connection of these carriers that we can provide.

We don’t hide this info from our clients – you have access to ship and quote with our help and are able to also track your freight in real time. Just think of providing a complex freight quote with multiple cross-docks handled quickly and easily with little to no work of your own. Your internal team still has full access to the info needed to keep your supply chain operating and stock on the shelves.

It’s easy to use our network to reduce costs and overhead.

Why this comes down to more than just a freight decision.

One of the biggest challenges of growing companies is the operation and management of multiple departments that make their organization run. We are obviously talking about freight, but it can apply to other departments as well (think IT and Technology).

Do you want to be in the business of freight or do you want to grow your core business? You will eventually find that internal freight and logistics teams will begin to demand high salaries and will require additional people to hire and train. This team will require training and tools to allow them to do a job that still won’t be as effective as a third-party team like CTE that are the masters of our field.

CTE isn’t like other companies – we aren’t a trucking company and we don’t handle one time freight shipments from point A to point B. We are a true partner that reduces the burden of operating internal logistics teams. We listen, we provide solutions and ultimately, we make this portion of your business operate with as little work on your part as possible.

The Bottom Line

As a third-party logistics provider, we aren’t in the business of making freight more complex. Our clients continually find the value in reducing overhead by outsourcing their freight management and warehousing. Why choose CTE over other third-party logistics providers? We believe it comes down to our Commitment to Excellence. It’s in our name for a reason. It is about creating a seamless experience for the client, focusing on finding creative solutions, learning through every interaction, and finally, about being passionate about what we do and having fun in the process.