How can your company benefit from LTL Truckload shipping?


To put it plainly – LTL shipping is a cost-effective way for your company to ship when you don’t need full truckload shipping. We handle the logistics – you provide the product.

What is LTL shipping and how it works?

CTE uses a complex network of providers and sophisticated software which allows us to book shipping providers that have availability to ship your goods. It has been traditional for shippers to utilize Full Truckload (FTL) shipping that reserves a full truck for a full shipment. We know this isn’t a reality for all our clients.

Imagine you have a truckload of a few thousand pounds of your product. You don’t a full truckload to get your product from Seattle, WA to Chicago, IL. But handling the logistics or sharing a truckload isn’t a reality for most business, the complexity is too overwhelming and finding the proper providers is not realistic. CTE logistics uses a network of providers that constantly provide updated availability and capabilities to get your shipment delivered.

Behind the scenes, your shipment is routed through a system of terminals and consolidation networks. This typically starts at a terminal close by the origination where it is consolidated with other shipments that will be headed to similar destinations. Your shipment may be transferred to other trucks before arriving at the final destination, but leave the details to us. We make sure the shipment arrives on time and often at highly reduced rates compared to inefficient FTL rates for your smaller loads.

Benefits of LTL Shipping

If the ability to transport smaller loads when you need to without paying for a full truckload isn’t enough of a reason to consider LTL shipping for your company, it also offers other benefits that make it a smart logistical choice for your business.

  • Tracking – with LTL shipping you’ll have all the data you need to ensure your freight is picked up, transported and delivered quickly and accurately, usually via tracking of a Bill of Lading, Pro Number, etc.
  • Cost savings – It is our job to find the most cost-effective way to get your shipment to its final destination. Our vast network ensures that we can find solutions that others can’t.
  • We are fast – Depending on the shipment and final destination, we can sometimes respond on the same day. For our valued long term partners we pull out all the stops to ensure they are provided with quick service.
  • Cross Country Networks – Our network encompasses North America. We can complete cross-country deliveries in times you may not have thought possible.
  • Environmental considerations – We are a SmartWay provider. It means that your shipment helps reduce carbon footprint and ensures that there is no waste in less than full truckloads.
  • Protect your shipment [Better than Parcel] – You may be leveraging parcel shipping for your freight. Understand that these parcel carriers may not have the same level of care and industry understanding of securely packing freight pallets or durable crates. Don’t chance it – we take care of your shipment security and ensure pallets are packed for the long journey.
  • Additional services – LTL shipping offers liftgates, non-commercial shipping, inside pick-up and delivery, and more advanced notification options you won’t be able to access with FTL shipping.

It’s outsourcing and growing American jobs all at the same time, not to mention saving your company time and expense. At CTE we have a commitment to excellence that we strongly believe empowers our clients to grow and become more efficient. Wondering how we can help? Contact us or give us a few details so that we can audit your current transportation solution compared to ours.